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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Milbury was not GM the first or second time a 15 year deal was bellowed out of the owner's intestinal tract onto the hockey world. Smith was and the NHL shot it down the first time and Wang tried again the next year and Bettman allowed it because Jesus hates the team.

Milbury drafted the exciting pick Wang's first year (an impact newsworthy event) after hearing murmers he would be taken before the fifth pick. That is the extent of it. Milbury entertained offers of DP for Samsonov but the trade never got done as Boston didn't like the asking price, so instead he dealt Osgood the following year for some insane reason (Ozzy wouldn't go to American Idol with Chuck and Yash?).

So......why are you blaming Milbury for the contract?

Smith said no, Snow said "OKAY, BOSS!" and he got the contract. It was Wang.
You're right, Milbury wasnt the GM when the contract was given. He was the GM when it was first brought up i 2005 but DP was signed to a 1 year and then in 2006 he was given the 15 year when Snow was GM.

However, thats beside the point I was trying to make. The point is you don't blame DP for the contract, I guess you blame Wang.

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