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10-17-2011, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I'm curious, how do you explain his continued success strategizing & developing winning teams and NHL playerscontinually in the QJMHL? Jr hockey is typically very cyclical but he's had repeated success.

Or is he just the luckiest instinctual athlete that has had extreme luck the past 4 years or whatever?
i don't follow much qjmhl, nor follow roys progress. i was, as said a few times, talking in generalities, of difference between job of a coach, and job of an athlete, differentiating the required skillets needed in either position, which ended in me saying that it doesn't necesarly mean that if your an athlete you cant be good coach. Reasons of why his success can vary from him having time to develop a sense of coaching, and having the required talent to coach and strategize a team, to him having an outstanding group of assistants that make his job easier. At least Roy knows what steps to take to get the proper training to become a NHL coach, and he might succeed, i don't think it makes my points any less valid.

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