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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
The thing is that it's not 3 games or 4 games. Some people like what they see in Martin. Personally, I absolutely hate what I see. I feel like more could be accomplished with this group offensively, not necessarily at the expense of defense. I don't like the passive system and the lack of toughness while being amongst the leaders in PIM. And all of that is not just from this year, but since he took over.


The poor start to this season is what it is. Martin's poor systems that do not match his roster's talents or abilities have been going on for two years. And Martin is proving incapable of "change" with regard to motivation and systems used.

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
i don't follow much qjmhl, nor follow roys progress. i was, as said a few times, talking in generalities, of difference between job of a coach, and job of an athlete, differentiating the required skillets needed in either position, which ended in me saying that it doesn't necesarly mean that if your an athlete you cant be good coach. Reasons of why his success can vary from him having time to develop a sense of coaching, and having the required talent to coach and strategize a team, to him having an outstanding group of assistants that make his job easier. At least Roy knows what steps to take to get the proper training to become a NHL coach, and he might succeed, i don't think it makes my points any less valid.
To be honest, Gauthier was not an NHL player..........and it shows.

You cannot generalize about an athlete not being a good coach or vice versa. Coaching is a job that anyone can do. Winning championships,however, regardless of what level, is a TALENT that only a few elite coaches can ever accomplish.

Past success is usually a predictor of success in the future. Past failures is usually a predictor of failure in the future.

Roy, Martin, Gauthier. Who among those three people have experienced success, as in winning a championship?

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