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10-17-2011, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post

The poor start to this season is what it is. Martin's poor systems that do not match his roster's talents or abilities have been going on for two years. And Martin is proving incapable of "change" with regard to motivation and systems used.

To be honest, Gauthier was not an NHL player..........and it shows.

You cannot generalize about an athlete not being a good coach or vice versa. Coaching is a job that anyone can do. Winning championships,however, regardless of what level, is a TALENT that only a few elite coaches can ever accomplish.

Past success is usually a predictor of success in the future. Past failures is usually a predictor of failure in the future.

Roy, Martin, Gauthier. Who among those three people have experienced success, as in winning a championship?
while i try and explain my arguments, you just give me examples and vague correlations (if it worked, it will work again). Let me know when you have anything constructive to argue about. Start by giving me a factor in how you can quantify what it takes to be a "winning" coach. i gave example of an athlete and of a coach, separated them in two distinct categories. Coaching as purley "mental intelligence" and athlete as "body intelligence", were mental intelligence has to rely to quickness and effectivness of logic and thought process; analytical skillset. While "body intelligence" would be responsiveness and memory of given physical skillset, instinctual responsiveness of your body. this obviously is debatable i hope someone can add/disprove of what im saying.

obv you need other skills/talents to be a coach then just mental strategy; i would add emotional awareness as good skill to have.

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