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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
while i try and explain my arguments, you just give me examples and vague correlations (if it worked, it will work again). Let me know when you have anything constructive to argue about. Start by giving me a factor in how you can quantify what it takes to be a "winning" coach. i gave example of an athlete and of a coach, separated them in two distinct categories. Coaching as purley "mental intelligence" and athlete as "body intelligence", were mental intelligence has to rely to quickness and effectivness of logic and thought process; analytical skillset. While "body intelligence" would be responsiveness and memory of given physical skillset, instinctual responsiveness of your body. this obviously is debatable i hope someone can add/disprove of what im saying.

obv you need other skills/talents to be a coach then just mental strategy; i would add emotional awareness as good skill to have.
Can you quantify respect? Can you quantify motivational abilities?

You cant. But it exists and its real and the outcomes are real.

How else can you explain a team that is average to poor where the coach is replaced and then that team excels. It happens every year in every sport.

With regard to Martin and respect. When a coach "punishes" a player for making a mistake and then lets a certaing other players commit the same mistake without punishment, does he earn the respect of his players. A coach does not have to be well liked to be a successful, but he damned sure needs to have the respect of his team.

Motivation. Not much needs to be said about this. Do you honestly think Martin motivates his teams?

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