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10-28-2003, 12:32 AM
Boondock Saint
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While I am hoping that something happens sooner, rather than later, I am preparing to be disappointed with the return.

The majority of posters here, I feel, have been overly optimistic about the return that we could fetch for Comrie.

#1. This contract dispute will diminish the return. Say what you want, "It's not a money issue, it's a philosophical difference between KLo and Mikey."

Well, Rich, I'm sure this is not the first time that a player and GM haven't seen eye to eye. In fact, not even Iron Mike ran into this type of conflict in his days upstairs.

Even if Mike being a spoiled little brat has nothing to do with the dispute, this, at the very least, brings up some character issues about him not being able to handle pressure.

#2. I some some eerie resemblences between Mikey and Marc Savard. Granted Mikey is obviously the better player and the situation is somewhat different. But still, I hear Ruslan Zanuillin whispering somewhere in the back of my head.

#3. Edmonton cannot add a lot of salary in this deal. While we undoubtedly have some wiggle room in the budget, I cannot foresee the Oilers adding a player who is making 4 mil +. This means that our trading partner will probably be adding some salary. The thing is, I don't see many teams that have the capability to add salary with an open spot on lines #1 or #2. Mike's skill set would obviously have no place on a 3rd or 4th line.

As much as I would love to see Chistov, Vasicek + Vrbata, Weiss + d prospect, Stefan + d prospect, I don't think that Comrie will be enough. I think that something significant would have to be going the other way to complete these deals.

Here' to hoping KLo proves me wrong.....

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