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10-17-2011, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bjac View Post
That's business buddy and you had better get use to it because it isn't going to change. When you pay this money that you are talking about, you are not buying a part of the Canadiens, you are purchasing the right to watch or experience the product that the Canadiens offer (or in the case of merchandise/beer, you are purchasing the specific item mentioned). Do not confuse the two. We do not have a right to this information because we do not own a single portion of the company. Any information that we do know is by the grace of the owners. If ownership wants to keep something to themselves, which is pure speculation at this point anyway, then they have every right to do so. Also, in the case of Montreal, secrecy certainly has its uses. We cheer for a very unique team in many ways, both positive and negative. We've all see what a little bit of information can turn into. It is a media circus in Montreal, and at times, feeding the frenzy can be detrimental to the team and its players.

When I buy a coffee at Tim Hortons I do not demand to see where the money is spent within the company, or when the cafe mocha machine will be fixed and what exactly was wrong with it in the first place. I take my coffee, enjoy it, hope the cafe mocha machine gets fixed in the future, and leave. While the Candiens are clearly more important to both of us than a Tim Hortons coffee, it does not change that parrallels can be drawn between the two situations.

I hope you aren't implying that any of this is Markovs fault. He certainly didn't want ANY of this to happen and as far as we know has done everything he can to get healthy again.

''Thats' business, buddy'' doesn't sound like friendly business to me.
Sounds like a big ''pay us or ****-YOU, get the **** out of''.

If you're a tenant in a building (you don't own the building) but if you're a good tenant (clean, respectful/polite, not noisy, pay rent on time,etc) you deserve an apartment that is well maintained and you also deserve to know what is going on in the building if this or that will be fixed in the hallway or if there are any major changes. It's not ''pay your rent and shut up''. No good tenant deserves the silent treatment from the landlord and superintendent. The tenant doesn't own part of the building but still deserves some respect. Kindness, respect can be a partalwaysl

I don't necessarily agree with media being in the face of players after every loss...there should be a minimum amount of media persons.

Hab fans are 21,273 EVERY game. That deserves something more than a ''you don't deserve any info...whatever we give you, well you're lucky to have this info''.

Markov's injury:
Fair is fair...instead of Markov , it should be ''Markov's extremely fragile body and how it has made us wait now for 3 years (but kudos to his effort in working-out).

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