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10-29-2005, 01:10 AM
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This game tonight in ball hockey was pretty good. We were leading 2-1 until the half of the game. Our goalie, for the first time of the season, was solid. But since he is not in a great shape, he did not have much energy left in the second half. So the other team scored 5 goals. 7-1 seems like a beat up, but for a team like ours, it was not too bad. At least they did not let the clock running in the last 10 minutes. I felt partially responsible for the loss. While we were leading 2-1 I took a stupid penality when I slashed their defenseman while I was running after him. I now understand that I should always have the stick on the floor. When you have it up in the air, it may be too tempting to use it on someone's body. You can injure him pretty badly. I got a well deserved 4 minutes of penalty. They scored once. It went downhill from then.

I had the dream breakaway. Nobody around me within 20 feet. Once again I froze when I came in front of the goalie, not knowing what to do. Someone grabbed me from behind with the result that I lost the ball. It boils down to the same problem we already discussed: I have no plan on what to do with the ball. Either I shoot when I am at 15 feet in front of him, or I deck on my right and shoot. It's either one, but I must decide ahead of time. Other than this breakaway, I took a good shot on the goalie who stopped it. It was way too high; it touched his upper chest. I will try to get more of those. If I can keep my shots low, that's gonna be wonderful.

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