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10-18-2011, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Sideline View Post
The rule book clearly states if the player getting hit turns "immediately prior to or simultaneous with the check" it's not a penalty. So it matters a great deal whether or not he turned into it.
That may be true but as usual it's not about the rule book so much as how these refs actually call the games. I almost never see a guy get pushed in the back into the boards with no call, and when they actually don't call it everyone is going nuts wondering how they could possibly not call a penalty, so what's the rule book worth in that case?

I think the whole thing is idiotic anyways. It's like you're telling the puck carrier where he can and can't skate, and that in certain instances they're not allowed to protect the puck. How about just not pushing guys in the back? It's not even anything against Letang, a lot of guys have been in that situation. I'm not even saying he should be suspended necessarily but the whole attitude of "it wasn't that big a deal" every time WE do it is really getting old.

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