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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
1- Because the NHL is not the KHL. NHL players are far more agressive than the KHL ones. Emelin isn't looking for retaliation.

2- He needs time to adapt to NHL style of play. Coaches probably told him to stick to the KISS principle.
This makes sense, but what is the KISS principle ?

Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
Each year, I feel less and less passionate about the Habs. For me, what is really turning me off is the overabundance of... pretty everything concerning the Habs. It's too much. Everything is over-analyzed. It's always been bad in Montreal, but ever since the end of the lock-out, things have reached a new height (or a new low, you pick).

Not only that, but I feel that the commentaries concerning the Canadiens are just--for the most part--idiotic. You have 20-30 analysts around the city commenting after the game--people who can barely articulate a full sentence, and who's opinion are just, for the majority, nothing more enlightening than what you and I can come up with.

I read this board, and I see people getting upset over the 4th-line center (some random guy playing less than 10 minutes a game) and it just boggles me. I like talking about the Habs or I wouldn't be here. But everytime I read a majority of people get upset over some very trivial stuff, it just makes me disgusted about this hockey-mad culture we've created.

I don't want to come across as the guy who's better than everyone. I'm not. I used to get upset over the same things. Then, I don't know... I just realized no matter how loud I shout about this and that, I'm just along for the ride. I don't really care to shout so loud that I might make a difference. It's just a sport. It's just entertainment. There are far worse things in the world to get upset about.
This is a great point, maybe when and if the Nords come back the media will split up a bit and things won't be so crazy around here.

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