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10-18-2011, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Our relationship with the Canadiens isn't one of shareholder-to-owner, it's customer-to-business. And while customers of a business cannot demand to see its financial books, they certainly do have the right to see a list of ingredients, as well as the expiry date, on whatever they buy. If the ingredients change, the business is obligated to report it.

I realize Markov isn't a tub of yogurt, but we the customers do have the right to expect honest updates on a major product of this business we choose to frequent.

On their part, the Canadiens organization is well aware they MUST give fans information about their players, which they do -- usually -- because they know that ignoring loyal customers is a surefire way for any business to fail. It is by the grace of paying customers that the Canadiens have become profitable. THAT'S business.

My argument was that I believe the organization has been placed in an awkward lose-lose situation with Markov, and their stalling has made them look bad. They've been paralyzed between giving us too-little good news and withholding too much bad news, with the result that many fans simply filled that information vacuum with their own worst-case scenarios. As I said earlier, the organization is made up of smart guys who I believe have the right intentions, but who make as many honest marketing mistakes as any other company. IMO they should have given fans what they wanted -- more in-depth updates on Markov's status. They didn't, but I guarantee they debated long and hard over it. But -- trust me on this -- they did NOT debate whether the fans had a right to that information.
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