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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
Last season was an insane year to be a Habs fan. There was so many provocative issues/storylines with last year's team, that it was almost overwhelming.

By the second game of the season last year, we'd seen Price get bashed for months and could now revel in his proving every doubter wrong. We had also watched Cherry kickstart a disgusting and unjustified attack on Subban's character and some of us got dragged into defending PK against the idiots that parroted their senile idol's stupidity. Every month or so some player, coach or analyst would pick the scab on the Subban issue and bring it back to prominence.

We also had the shocking return and re-injury of Markov, which led to the ramping up of our personal bickering. We had the Gorges injury, the Wiz trade, Pacioretty's call-up and great play to keep us occupied through December.

We had a sweet comeback win over the B's in January and an enjoyable experience of seeing Price and Subban at the all-star weekend.

Then all Hell broke loose. The infamous 8-6 game happened and we saw the true rise of the "Toughness Issue". Along with the heightened intensity of the B's rivalry, we had a new divisive argument to take the place of the old omnipresent Price/Halak debate. Then the Pacioretty incident happened and most of us were in a frenzy for the rest of the season.

Add in the fact that the B's went on to eliminate the Habs in game 7 and went on to win the Cup, it's fair to say most of us were engaged throughout the entire year.

We then proceeded to argue the toughness issue, our take on Martin/Gauthier and Markov's health to the point of redundancy over the Summer.

Now we're 4 games into the season and the Habs' start has been pretty uninspiring. We've seen a few injuries, but nothing overly dramatic (I know I breathed a sigh of relief about Cammy). The most provocative debates we have to occupy ourselves in the meantime are about Cole playing 2 periods on the "third line", Eller playing on the wing, Kostitsyn seeing reduced ice-time for one period in the first game (and responding greatly to the message) and Subban's struggles on the point. There's still ongoing arguments about Markov, Martin and toughness, but there hasn't been any new ground uncovered in those debates in months. None of these is particularily interesting or engaging compared to what we saw last year.

I'm not surprised that people are feeling underwhelmed; the least exciting moment of last season was infused with more drama and intrigue than anything we've seen so far this season. That emotional juxtaposition seems to make these days seem more vacant than usual for us Habs fans.

From what I've seen of this team in the past, things won't stay this way all year. Whether it's an in-game incident or the media starts something, it shouldn't be too long before we've forgotten about the relatively boring start.
I have been noticing your posts over the last few weeks and I have to say they've all been really quite excellent. Thought out, well written, composed and level-headed. Pleasure to read.

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