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10-18-2011, 01:44 PM
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Indo Edge

The well-recognized litmus test regarding authentic jerseys is to look at the fight strap. MeigGray gamers will have horizontal reinforcement stitching above and below where the fight strap is attached (this stitching is visible on the outside of the jersey). Also, there is an additional piece of twill sewn over the fight strap on the inside of the jersey.

Retail Edge 1.0s and all retail authentics (including the Indo Edge) will not have the horizontal reinforcement stitching or the extra piece of twill on the fight strap.

So even those of you who think you have a spot-on "on ice" authentic because you customized a retail Edge 1.0, the "lightweight" fightstrap is a glaring inconsistency/inaccuracy.

Only those who bought MG blank Edge 1.0 jerseys on clearance and customized them will have accurate reproductions of "on ice" jerseys.

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