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I'm sure the Habs would love to come out and say... Markov will play his first game against team X on November XX, 2011.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. All they can talk in is generalities, not in exact dates of return, until its actually time to return.

Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
This doesn't quite make sense. He should continue on the IR from last year, like with Crosby. I heard McGuire explaining that because Crosby was on it last year, and simply re-confirmed to it this season, the usual minimum time he had to be out etc. doesn't count. Maybe that's what happens when they do it retroactively. Regardless, it's hard to believe they'd have his salary counting against the cap when he's been out so long.
It always counts against the cap, even when you are on IR. How LTIR works is that it allows you to go above the cap by (Amount of cap hit remaining for the year - amount you are already under the cap).

However you need to get back under the cap the moment Markov returns.

So this means that the space is really only good for callups, unless Markov is gone for the whole season. If he was gone for the whole season, we could use it like we did with Wiz last year, but as long as he's expected back, you can't use the space, because you'll have to move out the same cap space when he returns.

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