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10-18-2011, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HookeyPookey View Post
I agree with some points but

-It's been good in some WAYS but does the few other good prospects we have got because DP has been injured make up for the years of instability between the pipes and losing seasons? IMO not really. We have good alternate goalies now but it's been a revolving door of mediocrity for how long?

-Draft picks are draft picks no law saying the highest ones will always be the best (I know there is a much more probably chance) some decent picks have been out of the first round though. So i am not really sure. I mean theoretically should we aim for last then every season to stockpile draft picks not sure the whole you helped us come last so we got someone cool thing works for me. Albeit the writer phrases it well.

-Rick will need some time when he comes back as well think it is best to just lower expectations, further to 0 if that hasn't already happened.

-Writer also forgot to thank DP for being healthy when Luongo was around and seeing to it Luongo was moved on :|

Good article overall a different perspective.
This is honestly DP's last year if we're a winning team. OK, we can keep DP in B'Port as an emergency call up in case we have Monty and Poulin/Nilsson up and one gets injured. This allows us to trade a top flight young goalie in the coming years, but DP is just not and never again will be an option when we're looking at such a good 1-2 punch in net. (or 1-2-3 if we keep one down in B'port).

He's just not that good. If he signed a 5 year extension, give him a car/ring and wish him luck on ice one night as he begs for a job elsewhere.

But he's here, so if he retires, we win, if he's bought out, we win and if he's a good soldier and moves to Connecticut to be a pro goalie ready for call up like he should (be real, his best now would be as a Wade Flaherty role), great!

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