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If you've played forward it is pretty similar in skill and hockey sense like winning battles, intercepting passes, etc. Instinct takes over most the time to do whatever it takes to discourage the oppositions attack.

A few things I've experienced, correct me if I'm wrong-

It's important to time your check on a forward trying to enter the zone. It should be around the blue line, you don't want to back up too far and allow a close shot. DO NOT watch the puck you will get burned. Watch the chest and stay with them. Even in the beer leauge you can get in the way with a little contact.

In a corner I try to rush the opposition aggressively to take the puck or cause an errant pass. Giving them time while waving the stick is too soft IMO.

I will keep an eye on a open player in front of my net, not too close, kind of wanting them to get a pass I can steal or break up.

I notice as a D I may not always take control of the puck but bust up a lot of plays in the neutal and defensive zone. It seems like I poke-check 100 times a game as D

One thing is always get yourself open as an outlet for your partner, whether behind/around the net or breaking out of the zone.

I wish there was a sticky for all the "defense" threads here at the rink. Could probably write a book from all the tips.

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