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10-18-2011, 03:09 PM
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Your thoughts are all good but youre missing a BIG problem.

The people who are in charge of these stuff will never do something like that. You see, they will just continue this cirkus like they have always done. They are conservative and moral rtards who rather doing some that will fix that they wont do anything.

Fighting will never be approved in the league as long as they are in charge.
There will never be any real and fair consequences.
Players will continue to getting unfair suspensions.
The league is going in a "hits = bad" direction.
SEL is becoming less attractive.

The system doesnt work and need to be replaced. And the current gen who is in controll are doing nothing to sort this out. And they wont either. Lets get real. They should all get fired.

Another problem is the evolutaionary attitude that so many people have. Yeah, it might have worked to shape our society but it took hundres of freaking years. Revolutionary is the way to go here.

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