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10-18-2011, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
You're pretty gullible if you think the first excuse he'd make up is the Gomez trade if you actually believe money was the 100% deciding factor. There were other far more easy to use excuses available, why would he use the Gomez trade as an example? It's ludicrous, if anything he'd just say "I love the rich history, Montreal is a great city blah blah ****ing blah" he wouldn't be some kind of pathological liar and start blabbing on about Gomez he'd just use a quick white lie. I mean honestly I take the words of Cammy himself over a bunch of paranoid ****s who like to stir the pot on an internet forum

Frankly around the time of the signing I had heard he turned down 7 mil a season from Burke anyways. You want a link? Use google if you're so interested but bottom line is Cammy said what he said, plain and simple. Anything else is extreme speculation and bordering on libel considering the context of the words coming out of Cammy's mouth. He decided to come here because he liked the team, Gomez being a big part of why. If you can't face the facts fine, but don't try to tell the people who do face them that they're stupid for taking things at face value.
Again though... even if it's true it doesn't matter.

At the end of the day we got ourselves a bunch of mediocre small players to try to win with and it's no surprise that it hasn't worked. The only legit first liner of the bunch is Cammy and when you pair him up with guys like Gomez and Gionta you aren't going to win anything...

So no matter how you slice it, those moves were dumb and locked us into a bad core of forwards. Your argument that we wouldn't have had those guys without Gomez is just one more reason to have not gone after Gomez in the first place. Cammy is the only guy who is close to worth the money and he's not going to win with the core that we have.

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