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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya, the first time during the Moyes BK; the 2nd time when the COG rejected his MOU when he included a perfectly reasonable out-clause, the city then demanding a 35yr agreement, opting to run with IEH who also demanded exclusive negotiating rights. Brilliant move by the Mayor & Council. This couldve' been wrapped up & done ages ago.
it wasnt just the number of years on the lease glendale had a problem was also the absurd and unrealistic amount of money that needed to be generated through the cfd.

a lot has changed in the past year or so
1)glendale has found a way to subsidize 25/year directly to team without breaking the law
2)it appears glendale is willing to go with a shorter 7 year out clause
3)speculation that the league may use some of the atlanta relocation money to lower asking price

none of these were in play a year completely changes the landscape...thats why a deal will likely get done this time

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