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10-28-2003, 05:34 AM
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Originally Posted by panayiotis
sorry guys. Youre d is a bunch of girls. And youre forwords are way too small.
I can't believe this, but I'm agreeing with panayiotis. Montreal looked simply awful out there last night. Their D could not handle the Flyers forwards down low, especially John LeClair. Their forwards are too small to win the battles against a bigger and more physically dominant Flyers D (even Chris Therien was making some big hits against the Habs! Talk about a "WTF?!?!" moment). It's the same problem Montreal has had for the past 3 seasons at least: they rely far too much on their goaltending to bail them out, and hope that the forwards can use their quickness to keep out of the sights of the other team's D. Unfortunately, last night the Flyers were on their game, and when they made mistakes, Esche bailed them out.

Oh, and please, enough of this "We've won more Cups then you, so even though we've only barely been competitive one year out of the last 6, while your team has consistently made the playoffs and even advanced a round or two, you can't talk to us because you haven't won it all in ages." crap. It's an argument of those who know that talk about present reality would not go in their favor, so they call on past accomplishments (by players long since retired or moved to other teams) to try and win the debate. Sorry, that's BS, and you know it. It's also a logical fallacy (and a defined one, although I can't remember the official title). Montreal won a lot of Cups, yes. The majority of which came before I was born (1977, FYI), and the last one came in 1993, with a goalie you ran out of town, and helped along by a player who has since haunted Montreal everytime the Flyers play them. So why you say that gives you some special gift or knowledge is beyond me. But wait:

Wow. That's so incredibly humbling that you point these Stanley Cups in days of yore out to me, I'll forget all the hockey I've watched over the last 15 years, and submit to your obvious superiority in terms of hockey knowledge. Gee, how did I ever think I knew anything about this game? Please oh great Montreal fan, bless us with your knowledge...I'm sure those 24 Cups they won (most of them probably before YOUR time, too) have imparted great wisdom to you.

Get over yourselves. Your team is not very good right now, and while they may have some good prospects coming along, until they address the size issue, especially in the East, they won't go anywhere. They also need to address a serious lack of toughness on D, because they could not handle the Flyers' big guys (Handzus, Primeau, LeClair, heck, even Williams and Recchi, who aren't big) down low.

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