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Originally Posted by objectiveposter View Post
it wasnt just the number of years on the lease glendale had a problem was also the absurd and unrealistic amount of money that needed to be generated through the cfd.

1)glendale has found a way to subsidize 25/year directly to team without breaking the law
2)it appears glendale is willing to go with a shorter 7 year out clause
3)speculation that the league may use some of the atlanta relocation money to lower asking price

none of these were in play a year completely changes the landscape...thats why a deal will likely get done this time
Ya, I agree that it'll likely get done... couple of points/questions;

1) The GWI has not dropped the bone on that $25M per annum "Arena Mgmnt Fee" & I rather doubt the COG will be willing to be so generous post 11-12. Even if it isnt challenged. Therefore, I'd expect to see that re-negotiated, possibly with JR or Jamison also receiving transfer of the AMUL signed lasy May between the NHL & the COG or possibly a completely new AMULA.

2) If the new owner works under the NHL/COG AMUL there is no rush to negotiate & sign a fully blown AMULA, JR/GJ having the right to relo anytime they wish over the next 9yrs. If they do negotiate a fully blown AMULA, then yes, 5-7yrs would be sensible.

3) Also agree that if the league applies the $60M relo fee from TNSE along with Terms, much more attractive & doable. Question though; is the $60M included in HRR and therefore subject to the NHLPA receiving 57% of it or are relocation & or expansion fee's separate from the existing CBA?...

Finally, with respect to Reinsdorfs 2nd round of negotiations, and though moot now, wasnt he also asking that the COG "Guarantee" as in cover any shortfalls in the CFD, or was that IEH?. Regardless, its certainly not germane today as as you've pointed out the landscapes shifted considerably; never mind the fact that Westgate's still a question mark & the implementation of a CFD at this moment in time virtually impossible.

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