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10-18-2011, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
Mehhhhhh. Damn West Coast games, will only get ~5 hours of sleep tonight...3 1/2 from Thursday to Friday if I'm lucky. They better damn well make it worth my while, LOL.

Anyway, given the Canucks lackluster start, I definitely think this game is winnable. We might be missing Staal, but if the team can shut down the Sedins unit, there isn't much scoring depth beyond that; Kesler is awesome, obviously, but he's just coming back from an injury, so he should be a bit rusty. I know it seems like a pipe dream that this team could shut down the Twins without Staal, but I think people aren't giving the McDonagh-Girardi pair enough credit...they shut down the RPG line with Lundqvist's help, and that is a more dangerous line than the Canucks' line, IMO, if only for the fact that Ryan is a much, much more dangerous player than Burrows generally is.

Discipline is key. This team cannot have another 7/8 penalty outburst, they basically put the nail in their own coffin this way. Get the forecheck going early, keep them pinned in their own zone, and wear them down.
Pretty much. If you're in the box 8 times every game, chances are you won't win many of those games. Stay out of the box + score on the PP + even strength play from Saturday = win.

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