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10-18-2011, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post

I get it for free with my cable package.
1:30 AM replay if that helps!!
Yeah I haven't had cable in like 4-5 years now? Just have 35mb internet connection, so I download the internets.

Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
The Breakfast Club might be the best hangover film that exists (no, it's not The Hangover), so I say you watch the game while drinking a few beers, have some celebratory whisky afterwards and then pretend you're bunny rabbits or whatever you crazy kids do these days... and watch the film tomorrow. If there's a job tomorrow to consider, I'm sure your boss will understand if you explain things.
I work from home, and start work in 3 hours. Though between you and I, I could probably do whatever for a whole night. Godbless IT.

Oh the boss lives in another country and he's on 2 weeks vacation.

Kids do some wild and crazy things these days mang. *Secretly gets out the board games and popcorn while bragging to the internet*

Do people still play board games? That still a thing? **** im getting old.

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