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10-18-2011, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
This is going to be tricky, I think.

My guess is that the NHL will go ahead and select one of the groups for a sale (probably JR), and then the pressure will be on Glendale (again). As Killion notes above, I would not be so sure that the $25 million is there for the taking, especially if there is a bona fide "out clause" in several years. Never mind the GWI, does anyone think that the Glendale City council can really stomach the idea of providing a cool $25 million annually for the next 5-7 years without some assurance of the long-term security of having the Coyotes? It would be absolutely unforgivable if they paid out $100-150 million over the next several years only to have the team leave anyway.

Nope. I think we are going to go back to the dance of long-term lease lock vs. level of subsidy. Substantially lowering the price of the franchise might be the only way of breaking that log-jam, but then the NHL could have done that first time around with Reinsdorf when he was the only option after Glendale had initially punted IEH to the curb.
I think the NHL has too much say here, and if CoG tries the old Long term lease and NHL doesn't bite, they may just decide to take the franchise leaving them with the arena. I really don't see CoG having any leverage here unlike times past-it's all in the NHL's hands pretty much. And if potential owner doesn't want to get locked into long term lease, he won't have too.

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