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10-28-2003, 05:43 AM
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Rich Winter

I think Comrie should be looking for another agent to represent him.

From my point of view, I think the only guy in this whole fiasco that seems to be preventing a contract from happening is Mr. Winter.

Comrie and Lowe are all hush about this process. It hasn't been confirmed that Comrie wants out of Edmonton. Only rumours and speculations. Lowe has already stated that he wants Comrie and would be more than happy to have him re-signed that traded. On the other hand, Winter is making this thing uglier and uglier. He goes from saying in the Journal that the chances of Comrie playing for EDM is 0% and that a trade is inevitable. Then, in today's Journal, he says " I don't think it will go anywhere other than a trade, but I never say never." This shows a lot of indecision on his part.

Personally, I believe Winter is trying to embarrass the Oilers' organization. He is still thinking this is the mid 90s where players have the upper hand. However, with the CBA lurking around he has nothing. Both Comrie and Lowe have handled this situation professionally, except Winter demanding trades etc. Going through the media to try to manipulate Lowe into trading Comrie.

For one thing, I can tell you this is bad news for Comrie. Winter's demand for a trade lessens the value for Comrie in that teams, knowing that Comrie wants to be traded, will not offer full value for him. This would work out and we'd see another star player on our team be traded for lesser value. However, this time is not the case, Lowe has the upper hand in that Comrie has no arbitration rights and he is far away from UFA eligibility. On top of that, the CBA is due up next year. Lowe is not going to back down or be pressured into making a deal unless he receives full value.

I'd say Comrie sit out for the rest of the season and trade for Ovechkin.

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