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10-18-2011, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Woodson Hoggs View Post
I have ****ing had it with Gomez. It still baffles me the guy earning 7+ million. He's absolutely useless and he seemed to lose a step from a last year. He's so predictable and his wrist shot is among the NHL's worst.

Gorges played a pretty bad game.

Subban is still invisible out there.

Pacioretty is all heart and is the best player since the beginning of the season.

Diaz is awesome and his confidence is way up. I can't wait 'til Gill's gone.

Emelin is the second best defenseman behind Diaz. Plays physical, passes well. Just needs some PP time, but that JM guy would rather put Plekanec or Kostitsyn at the point.

Cole's been a disappointment so far.

Price is playing scared. I don't know what's the matter with him. His rebound control is **** leakage.
Good seriously calm down i Found subban played pretty good tonight. He didn't try too many low percentage plays or anything and Made some realy good first passes.

As for Cole I agree I'd like him to put some points on the board but honestly he's been pretty physical and helps this team Keep the puck in the offensive zone. Eventually though he has to do more than that but lets give him a couple more games...

As for price, even if he hasn't looked incredible till now we now what he's capable of lets not loose our cool.

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