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10-28-2003, 05:57 AM
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Ok, I've been hearing this a lot lately and in the past, and I'm just wondering if anyone can back this up.

Whenever there's the possibility of an underperforming player coming to Edmonton (what other type of player do we go for...?), everyone talks about how they will "explode" on the fast Edmonton ice and on the attacking Edmonton system. Who exactly has "exploded" or taken their game to the next level since coming to Edmonton??? I can't remember the last person who was struggling elsewhere who came here and lit it up...

Isbister? uh, still waiting
Dvorak? was supposed to unleash his speed in edm... still 0 goals.
Reasoner? has skills, but took a long time to work into the line up and has settled into a two-way role
Hecht? supposed to light it up here... and quickly shown the door.
York? took a while to adjust to playing in edmonton, and is now performing at a similar clip as he did in NYR...
even Dopita... lots of skill and experience, but couldn't fit in Oiler system

I don't know, I guess I'm just cautioning against the familiar claim that underperforming players (like Stefan) will turn their game around as a result of coming to Edmonton. If anything, it looks like Edmonton can be a difficult place to adjust to, given the experiences of last few players to come here...

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