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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
But they're not 1-6.

You do realize that many teams during the course of a season have a stretch of 5 games where they only win one. The only difference is that it gets noticed because it's the first 5 games. If this happens 20 games in I'd doubt you notice it.

Also can I ask you a personal question. Do you do it on purpose to post negative, annoying and outragous things in every single one of your post to get a reaction because it's not normal.

Seriously every post you post has 1-2-1, 1-3-1, not a good team. If you didn't label yourself as a habs fan you'd be considered a troll, but you only get by because you claim to be a habs fan. If a bruins fan comes to this board and does what you do he'd get banned.

you don't even express an opinion with argument, you just come ehre and say this guy sucks, that guy sucks, 1-4 no playoffs, Martin sucks. What's your point.
I am a die-hard Habs fan. However, the team this year is NOT good.

They have zero finishing ability, and the play of Price is extremely concerning. You dig yourselves in a hole, and will never be able to get out of it.

It is like a golf can't win it on the 1st round, but you sure can lose it. Montreal is on the verge of shooting an opening round 78 and being 13 shots off the lead after 1 round.

After 2-3 more games, we are going to be 10 points back of the division lead and totally out of the equation.

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