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10-28-2003, 06:20 AM
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Saprykin hasn't really helped his trade value at all...

why would Calgary deal him?? cause he's not performing to expectations? the guy is a valuable asset as a young player *if* he can show that he has offensive upside - in which case he is valuable to the Flames...

why would another team trade anything valuable for him if the Flames have given up on him (and by dealing him at this stage it would look like they've given up on him)....

Lydman's value is harder to guage... again the question is why would a team give up that much for him though right now? Calgary wants to move him if they sign Berard, right? well, if a team had interest in such a player, wouldn't they go after Berard themselves? His salary isn't exactly that much higher than Lydman's... and guys like Yushkevich are still on the market right now.

not saying these two combined don't have any value... but if you are expecting guys like Langkow or Johnson, or even Nagy, who seems to be having a decent start this year, I don't think you'd get it... (and note that Phoenix has a very young defense already, and have lots of numbers there, dealing a quality top 6 forward for a prospect - which they already have many of in Sjotrom, Kolanos, and a few others, and another dman - especially a puck rushing one, which they have in guys like Tanabe, Mara, Vanannen, etc, doesn't make much sense).

I would keep Saprykin at this stage - I don't think his value would be all that high.... with Lydman, if the plan is to move him because Berard is on board, I don't see a big return for him either - maybe a decent prospect and a pick... but would Calgary even be able to take on a salary player in return - wouldn't they have to move his salary just to accomodate Berard's?? last I checked they were pretty close, if not already at, their budget ceiling.

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