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10-28-2003, 06:21 AM
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This game was shocking. Shocking how our Habs were overwhelmed physically and mentally. I think (as if it has never been said) that they seriously need size at center. Now, who do we get, and for which player(s) ? Right now, we have Koivu (5'10, 183lbs), Ribeiro (6', 175lbs?), Perreault (5'11, 188lbs), Juneau (6', 190lbs?), Bégin (5'11, 190lbs).

Yeah... bunch of little guys. I think we can exclude Bégin from the gang, cause he's a 4th liner with alot of intensity. Koivu is also an exception, because he always plays with fire and passion. Ribeiro... exceptionnal talent, 0 physical presence, even if he tries. Perreault, damnit! I can't stand this guy anymore... OK he scores... OK he's got a wicked shot... OK he's the best faceoff man in the league bla bla bla... HE SUCKS! Even in the games he actually scores, he doesn't play with intensity. He's just at the right place at the right time, to receive a pass from another player who surely worked his butt off to get him the puck. And Juneau... he's good defensively, and he's perhaps like a player coach, for the youngsters. But he's aging...

When Koivu will be back... we'll have a problem. OF COURSE I want Perreault traded, along with Audette (I HATE HIM, so selfish... ) and Rivet (the man with periodic guts). Those, I think, are also cancers in the locker room. Audette, I think we all agree. Rivet, even if he's supposed to be one of the leaders of the Habs, I think he doesn't do his job like he should. Anyway, he should stop being a braggart while interviewed and begin to play like he always says they could, with intensity. En français, 'faites ce que je dis, pas ce que je fais'. And Perreault... I don't know if he's a cancer, don't know if he speaks alot, but, to me, he most seems like an intensity leech than an intensity boost.

Perreault might get us something fine, he's one of the best scorers in the NHL right now, and his faceoff abilities are always wanted. Audette... salary dump? Rivet might fetch us something good also, because he seems to be overhyped around the league.

Now now, the problem is, even if we get rid of Perreault... We still have Koivu and Ribeiro as our 1st and 2nd line centers. They are small. A center, IMO, must 'control' his line, but must 'protect' it also. Koivu has the guts, and Ribeiro seems feisty at times (good thing). But they're so small................................

I say, exchange Koivu! We need a 'franchise' player, and until Koivu leaves, he's the one. He could get a good return, a young star in the rising probably, and with size. Exchanged with Rivet, he could a bigger return. Ribeiro is developping in a nice 2nd line center, because of his talent, but also because of his attitude. Ok, the game yesterday wasn't a relevant one, but practically none on the team went to play. Or exchange Ribeiro, but we need size on the center of at least one scoring line. Urquhart will someday fill that need (at least, I have faith in him), but right now, we need size, a physical conscience.

But I think what urge the most is to part with Perreault, Audette and Rivet.

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