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10-18-2011, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Why did we have do get rid of Koivu? Aren't we talking about the ultimate warrior here most of this board loves, adore and even some suggest to retire his jersey? 'Cause he was finished? The same finished guy who was coming from a 50-point season while the new saviour was coming out of a 58-point season? A guy who was CLEARLY wanted out from his GM who was eager to make room for an injury prone player? Telle you how much Gomez was wanted in New York despite the big money he was offered not that long ago. Yet, again, I ask you that question. Why would Gomez be enough to convince players while Koivu wouldn't be? 'Cause Gomez is a playoff warrior? How about Koivu? 'Cause of Gomez work ethic? How about Koivu? 'Cause of Gomez leadership? I know I heard Pat Burns saying that Gomez could NEVER be a captain. And while some suggest Koivu should not have been one himself how is Gomez ahead of Koivu in that department. But hey Cammy said it so it's right. He never said that it was about the money so I guess he would have played for free....Cammy is an intelligent man and I don't know if people noticed, but he ALWAYS tries to get out of the clichés to answer questions. So it's not surprising that he decided to talk about the components of the team. And the Gomez trade was the most recent event. You just sign with your team, you do what you can to praise your GM and the composition of your team. People should look around. Cammy is brillant but it's not too far fetched to think that others say something like that as well. Oh and another thing....too far fetched to think that Cammy was also praising one of his agents' other clients?
Once again, well said lol.

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