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10-28-2003, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
the whl isnt the ahl. thanks i was confussed there. jonassen wasnt ready to play in the nhl this year.
If Jonasen is such a hotshot, then why is he not good enough for the AHL?

"ok who would you bring up with lindros down? come on there must be someone you think has been slighted by the rheuume signing. you cant say moore because you already said you arent talking about moore here"

There were a multitude of things that could have been done. How about giving Lundmark a shot at center? Then simply plugging in Keefe at 4th line. How about giving Carter a shot at center (a place he is no stranger to playing) and again plugging a Keefe or a Murray or a Scott on the 4th line. BTW, by now Moore is healthy. So at this point, I would rather have him than Rheuame. And aren't you just underscoring our points here? By saying that the Rangers have no better alternative than Rheume, you are just stating all of our points (except yours and Barnaby's). If there is no one better in the system than a 30 year old waiver pickup, what does that say about the farm system and Sather's drafting?

"lets see sather has won 4 stanley cups as coach. not to bad. when bowman took over the penguins after badger bod died when was the last time bowman won a stanley cup?"

Do you perchance recall that Oiler roster? I could have coached that team to a Stanley Cup. And as for when was the last time that Bowman won a Cup, have you been paying attention to Detroit over the past 8 years or so?

"hmm the rangers played tight againts the pens and florida last season. plenty of teams lose games they shouldnt. wait do you think teams in the nhl go unbeaten? underdogs never win in your world huh? "

Underdogs do win, but properly coached teams do not loose to vastly inferrior teams when the playoffs are on the line. Nevermind that only 1 point was needed.

"a team coached by lavy almost blew a playoff spot with terrible games down the strectch last season. "

I would rather be in the position of a Lavby coached team and say that they almost did not make it as opposed to a Sather coached team and say that they almost made it. Big difference.

"crawford has done so much with vancouver he may be polishing his canucks stanley cup ring as i type this. "

Compare payrolls and do not forget the fact that his team made the playoffs for 2 straight years and was one of the top teams last year. Sather did not make it.

"hitchcock has been outstanding as the flyers coach. he did a great job with the flyers last season. i liked there playoff performance the most"

Again, at least his team managed to curb their mercenary attitude and learn to suppress certain offensiev instincts to learn to play TEAM-wide defense. And wouldn't you rather make the playoffs? Hitch did and Sather AGAIN did not.

"guess what buddy nobody is perfect but you can do a lot worse than sather as coach and gm"

No, nobody is perfect. However, one could not do much worse than having Jackass as a coach and GM.

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