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10-28-2003, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by WFHACommish
I think Comrie should be looking for another agent to represent him.

From my point of view, I think the only guy in this whole fiasco that seems to be preventing a contract from happening is Mr. Winter.
You honestly believe that?

Sure Comrie has become a big part of this team from a fans point of view and it is unappetizing to think that a player that has been well liked here doesn't actually want to stay, but to suggest that this whole situation has unfolded because Comrie's agent is manipulating him is naive at the very least.

Comrie has a history of doing exactly what he is doing now. He didn't report to Tri Cities (I believe that was the team that drafted him) in the WHL, went to Michigan, abandoned ship there to go to Kootenay, got the attention he was seeking and left them high and dry and now he is doing the same thing to the Oilers...he has always simply looked for greener pastures imo

Do you really think Rich Winter was solely behind all of that? If he was, why don't you see all of his clients doing the same thing? Also keep in mind that we are not talking about farmer Bob's son but the son of Bill Comrie. The kid has a network of advise givers available to him that 99% of NHL players could only dream of.

No for what ever the reason this soap opera is stemming from, it is all Mike Comrie and what Mike Comrie wants. Rich Winter is simply the Jack Azz that is fuelling the fire.

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