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10-19-2011, 01:30 AM
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Tanking really isn't required. I have little interest in watching habs lose. That being said, should they lose, there is only one request I have beyond the scope of a high draft pick. TRADE YOUR ****ING VETEREANS AT THE DEADLINE! It's a pet peeve of mine if I end up seeing guys like gill, spacek, moen, etc.. retained and lost. Trade them for a 2nd round pick, a 5th rounder, whatever. Why? Like craig rivet, we got gorges AND pacioretty. I do not expect that sort of return every time but logically, even if we get a young player with top 6 upside and size but a project, i dont mind, he may never work out but anything to add to the potential success of future teams is ideal.

Basically, come trade deadline, if we're losing, change philosophy. If we're in a competitive spot, then continue as is. The goal of management should never be to lose, it should be to win and make the playoffs. Even in the face of elimination after being sellers, you preach winning.

Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
Montreal doesn't tank. Period.

And besides, it's not unrealistic to say that it would greatly affect our ability to sign future UFAs

If I'm wrong someone correct me but I remember someone saying 'never'. But wasn't lafleur a first overall?

Meh, I'm rambling...
Yah, for the better. While I'm not saying tank because I find it stupid you have to consider if you get a top player to build around, yeah, you may not get UFA flooding over next year, but when the kid develops people will want to play with him.

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