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10-19-2011, 03:55 AM
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Great win, not the greatest of efforts but we knew Columbus was going to come out motivated. Really liking Pardy and the D pairs right now, godo to see Robidas dropped down to the 2nd pairing with Souray and Daley-Grossman on the 3rd gives us some nice balance. Souray again has just been amazing.

Gulu's relationship with he Riberio line seems tenuous at best. It would not surprise me if by the end of the year the Benn line is definitely considered the 1st line, atm they're playing like it. Gulu clearly trusts the Ott-Benn-Loui line in defensive and offensive situations and is frustrated with the Riberio line. We'll see if they can resolve it over the season.

The next 3 games are key to determining what this season will be like. We'll live and die by our division play, and we have not looked good the last 2 games on the road, let alone 3 in the West Coast. Gulu will have his work cut out for him shutting down RPG and breaking through Hiller/Quick. I'd be satisfied with .500 out there. Let's hope the team is up for it.

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