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10-19-2011, 04:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
I'm with you.

I feel that this team can do great things in the playoffs IF all or most of our CORE palyers remain healthy.

TOR, COL, BUF...could have won all games.

Our Habs win 2-3 in a row and everyone will stop the panic!
(my only complaint is the annoying waiting, waiting, and waiting for Markov).
the key will be the youngsters...

we already know Cammy will be a beast again, Plek will shutdown the opposing line completely, Gill will extend his "elite reach" (lol), etc... we already know all that...

question is, how will Pacc fare in the PO, and Diaz, and Emelin, etc... will they also have enough time to developp properly, will they learn the team system quickly enough, will they be intimidated (added pressure) ? that's where it all lies IMO.

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