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10-19-2011, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by 3074326 View Post
I didn't realize you could go to Thompson's farm (unless you knew him?). You aren't thinking of The Wilds, are you?

I kind of knew this guy.. I'm from Zanesville. Had a few experiences with him. Nice enough guy, but I always felt like something was off there. My grandpa knew him well. Dude did some crazy stuff.

It's unfortunate that the local officers are going to take so much criticism for killing the animals. I'm sure they wouldn't have if they didn't think there was any danger. I highly doubt they had tranquilizers available immediately when they went to check on Thompson on his property, where it sounds like many of the animals were actually killed.

Weird seeing my hometown in the national spotlight for sure. Especially for such a bizarre and unfortunately situation.
You're from Zanesville, too? What school did you go to and what year did you graduate? You can PM me if you don't want to share that in public on here.

But yeah people are criticizing the situation but when the police showed up they had no idea what was up and saw animals hovered around Thompson's body. Their instinct was to shoot and save the man, only to find out he took his own life beforehand.

It's a rough situation, and the police did what they had to do. If they avoid killing the animals, like some suggested on my Facebook, then you have issues where animals could have killed or injured someone, then there's a lawsuit against Muskingum County, and then our tax dollars pay even more for that lawsuit. And if all that happened, people would complain about that!

Also, given how many people responded to the situation I bet the cost of the episode will be expensive in itself.

For what it's worth, every major news outlet worth its salt has this story among its top stories this morning on their website. Maybe not *the* top story, but among the top ones.

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