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10-19-2011, 07:46 AM
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Either you didn't read at all or you can't read. I didn't suggest the habs to tank or want them to tank, I'm asking you how'd you feel about it? I just stated how I wouldn't mind considering all the draft depth of 2012, which is looking to be the deepest draft in the century.

Where did I say that we needed/HAD to tank to achieve the rebuild that I suggested? Where did I say that I was flipping **** over the habs for losing just 5 games into the season. You guys think everything is pathetic but the way you're seeing every thread as a panic thread is what makes it even worse for you.

You may now carry on.

And yes I'm aware that "Na-yeel" does not rhyme with "fail", but the motto is already established so deal with it.jpg

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