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10-19-2011, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
This is not a decision you make in October, unless you are the Ottawa Senators.

Why do you guys want to throw away a season of hockey so badly? Last nights game was great, and while we didn't get the results we wanted, I don't think I could stand having to deal with my favourite team get blown out every night for an entire season. Teams do that because they are either in a small market and have no other way of attracting support than drafting high profile choices, or because they have no other choice because everything went wrong. Everything has not gone wrong here, not yet.
The most famous tanking attempts that worked started in October, may as well start now if we were to attempt it. Else we may risk the tanking to fizzle.

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I don't even know what the mechanism for tanking would be? They put Price on the bench in favour of Budaj? What good players do we have who other teams want/can afford right now? Salary caps and rosters are pretty full. The key young guys presumably have to stay for the rebuild. Does Gauthier fire his coaching staff and replace them with guys who *don't* want future employment in the league? How do you tank?

Any team that tried to pull that stuff 5 games into a season - especially one where they were at least general consensus picks to make the playoffs - would be the laughingstock of the league, the whole management group would need to be liquidated, and probably the team would be in the midst of an emergency sale to a new ownership group as well.

It's not a conceivable situation. Might as well ask how I'd feel if the franchise relocated to Las Vegas or our players all decided in unison to jump to the KHL. Yeah, I'd be disappointed.
The Habs were NOT a consensus pick to be a playoff team, even though the range of playoff seeding varied greatly from a prediction to the next, some of us having us even as high as a #2/3 seed, others had us just squeaking in. With the team as currently constructed we wouldn't really need to do that much, just give Budaj even 30 starts would likely ensure us a pick in the 3-5 range, perhaps even as high as #2, probably enough for us to land Grigorenko. But we will have to out-suck both the Sens and the Jets to have a chance to get the first overall pick, which I fear we cannot.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Tanking in hockey makes as little sense as it does in baseball. You're talking about 18 year old kids that are likely years away and there are no guarentees they even end up better than alot of the guys taken after them. Sure a generational talent up front would be nice, but that involves getting into the top 5, even then it's still a gamble, and I just don't see us being that bad over 82 games if we tried.

The way our roster is constructed, we are built to compete now having recently signed guys like Markov, Cammalleri, Plekanec, and Cole, and Gionta, and are in good shape going forward with Price, Subban, Pacioretty, and Eller.

the year to tank was when Koivu, Kovalev, etc were UFAs. When you have a bunch of UFAs coming up, and you aren't going to make the playoffs, then you tank.
Tanking makes more sense in hockey than in baseball for sure. Of course, tanking makes more sense in basketball or football than it would in hockey but it did make sense in a couple of cases (i.e. 1983-84 Pens/Devils) and likely will make sense this year around, both in the NHL and the KHL. As I know it, Dinamo Riga is also tanking, with a clear draft target (Rihards Bukarts) if they landed a top-4 pick.

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