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10-19-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by enigmatic View Post
i might be alone on this but i want to see DP get a fair shot this year...i am all for playing monty as he has been great (and nabby looked good too) but in pre-season DP looked the best he has looked in 2-3 years.

he finally seems healthy (aside from the concussion--but that has nothing to do with mobility)

i think it is clear as oltimehockey as said that this is his very last chance--lets let him have a fair one...i wouldnt mind seeing him get a start at FLA--by no means am i advocating givingi him 20 games to run with and stink up the joint...just a game here and there to gain his bearings..

i have always liked DP and i still do--we cry that players dont want to come here, yet we have someone who is literally dying to stay here

nahhh, lets root for nabby who dissed our team and bleeds REDwing over a guy who bleeds orange

More like bleeds Barium Sulfate from all those fluids he had to injest prior to a CT and MRI

I dont want to see Rick Dipietro anywhere near this team anymore.. sorry i am done with this guy and if he gets himself hurt again it will be his own fault. He is a joke!!! We finally have a solid goalie tandem with Montoya and Nabakov and now Glass Joe is coming back and messing it up. I cant wait till he gets a hernia from sneezing

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