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10-19-2011, 12:07 PM
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"tanking" in terms of somehow "purposely" trying to finish low in the standings would be idiotic, and doesn't really happen... some teams, usually with financial restrictions, may go over the top in unloading quality players with no viable alternatives in place, but the habs will never be in that situation (at least not as long as the stands are full and the cdn dollar is on par with U.S greenback).

that said, I would fully be supportive of PG aggressively trying to unload certain players regardless of return...

Gomez, obviously.
Spacek, again, obviously.

though in both cases I actually think the alternatives we have in place are as good, or better, so i don't think that would lead to a drop in play.

and then, if the team was still performing marginally at around christmas time, I wouldn't at all be opposed to seeing them move a few UFA's to be in return for prospects/picks, with the strategic plan of accumulating enough assets to make a run at landing a top-ten pick via trade prior to the draft.


those would be the candidates, I'd probably lean towards keeping Gill, because the return would probably be marginal and he does bring a positive leadership/professionalism component to the room that would be of even greater value if we were moving vets and giving more young guys bigger roles.

in January/February, those 3-4 vets could quite conceivably gets us 2-3 top 60 picks from teams solidly in the playoffs looking to bulk up their depth for a cup run.

moving all 6 of those players would obviously kill our depth (especially factoring in injury issues), and would probably make the playoffs a long shot, but i don't think a team with Pleks, Cammy, MaxPac, Cole, Gionta, Eller, DD up front, Subban, Gorges, Markov(?) anchoring the D, and Price in nets, would ever really be capable of "tanking"... unless injuries decimated that group.

to be honest, I'd like to see the team strategically move in that direction almost regardless of where we are come January/February.
Unless the team has miraculously gone on a tear, those vets to-be-moved are all playing at career best levels, and the team all of a sudden looks like a cup contender, I think focusing on a more long-term approach to building a winner woudl serve us well.

time for PG to channel his inner-Pollock, and start scheming to land us a bonafide star up front (Cammy has been that in the playoffs, but doesn't seem durable enough or consistent enough to be that guy for a whole season).

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