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10-19-2011, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by 13th Floor View Post
Sigh. Maybe I am being over the top, but I think any progress we have made in the first 4 games this year will be instantly reversed the second DP is announced as the starter.

No conditioning starts in AHL? Check
Not awarding our goalie tandem with starts despite both of them looking great? Check
Laughing stock of league again? Check

Look, it is as simple as this. If starting goalie goes down, then back-up goalie plays. Once starting goalie comes back, back-up goalie returns to back-up regardless of play. If you have 3 healthy goalies and you are claiming none of them are the clear-cut starter, then you let their play warrant their playing time.

If DP starts either of the next 2 games, we know which scenario our team is under. Joke's on us.
That post is a box of awesome.

Originally Posted by ilovemarkmessier View Post
Lets hope the concussion not serious and Rick is ok. Its terrible to see these guys never recover from concussions. As a New York hockey fan I hope Rick can stay on the Islanders roster for this year and many years to come.
Am I to detect an irony from your user-name?

Again.....we don't know what he's got for game until he takes frequent starts and gets into a rhythm. Since he needs to be dealt with in the same way Strome was (i.e.; have a seat in the pressbox before you go back to a developmental league, kid).......PLEASEFORTHELOVEOFCHRISTPUTHIMINBRIDGEP ORT.....

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