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Originally Posted by Yitz View Post
Actually, if you have 3 healthy goalies and you are claiming none of htem are the clear-cut starter, then you let them all play and THEN see who played best and who deserves ice time. I'd rather go with Monty and Nabby but DP had his best preseason in a while and I'd like to see what he has against a team like Florida.
I get what you're saying, but consider this:

DP has a brainfart/bionic meltdown on the ice, posts modest stats while the team looses 4-3. How is that taking every point possible when the Isles just wound up giving two MORE points to a team they could be fighting for a playoff seed? Florida is the kind of team they should NOT test DP on.

Which goes back to the main point. DP needs to be fed a consistent amount of starts to improve or to even see how resilient he is or isn't......why sacrifice the Islanders for it? THAT's what it's become. In Bridgeport, he gets evaluated where his likely rocky start doesn't rob the ISLANDERS of points. Keeping him on the top roster reverses the kind of progress mentioned in "13th Floor's" post.

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