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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
In the middle of that 30 games we brought in a new first line center, a new top power play quarterback, 2 new backup goaltender.
I get what your saying, but it wasn't in the middle it was more like 3/4. You've done an admirable job of hyperbole with the rest of it.

Point, the players that played during that streak last year aren't doing any better this. How long are you going to allow Arniel to try and work through it?

You aren't going to get anywhere with the "Don't change anything" route. I've head that for years around here by everyone under the sun for this or any number of topics. It has never ended well. If you think you are going to get me to rethink if we are still 4 or 5 games under .500 around game 20 that I'll think we should stay the course, you'll be very disappointed.

As it is, I realize it's very unlikely anything will happen until Wiz gets a few games back. You'll, most likely, get your wish in the short term. I don't like the structural problems I see on the ice, so I, personally, don't see a ton of reason to wait. Maybe he pulls out of, maybe he doesn't. What I do know is the team is not executing on his system. Or, lord help us, they are.

Bottom line, off season changes aren't really an excuse for a 0-5-1 start. They certainly aren't for a 0-3-1 start at home.

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