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10-19-2011, 01:44 PM
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Is it possible to have 68 points with 243 penalty minutes? That's what Sourey is projecting at this point. I hate some of the dumb penalties he takes but dear god he's made defenders respect our offensive ability from the blueline. He also encourages the forwards to be ready for the tip. Setting up for tips and rebounds when you aren't the most gifted offensive team can only help.

Benn's goal deserved the win itself. Yeah it was mainly Columbus fail but not every player continues to hound the puck like he did nor do that fire that rifle of a shot past a flailing Mason. I love Jamie Benn. He reminds me of a Rick Nash that tries in the defensive and neutral zone.

Is it last change, matchups, being tired on the road or what? Why do we seem to be twice as bad in the work and effort department on the road? Columbus is a bad team right now and Kari was god-like but against better teams we're behind 2-1 or maybe even 3-1 before the 3rd period even starts. Giving up 40 shots against the better teams in this league will doom us more often than not.

Ryder needs to shoot for the empty net there even if the defender is in a position to potentially block the puck. In their end you take the chance.

I was completely wrong about Columbus. Howsen is going to get fired and Columbus is one of the bottom three teams in this conference if not bottom 5 in the league.

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