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10-19-2011, 03:08 PM
Cyclones Rock
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Just an outsider's prospective here.

I went to the game last night-I'm from Cincinnati and go to about one game at Nationwide every year. I also don't watch the team on TV, so my exposure is very limited.

The team I saw last night didn't look to be an awful team. The dubious waved-off goal didn't help matters either. Nash has never had a bad game when I've seen him play and last night he was no exception. He was without a doubt by far the most effective offensive player for the Jackets. Overall, the Jackets created quite a few legitimate scoring opportunities for themselves; far more than the Stars did.

I certainly don't know what the answer is, but the one regulation win in the past 30 or so games for Arniel shouldn't be acceptable under any circumstances. The team I watched last night is certainly capable of better than that. The biggest worry I would have if I were a diehard fan is the lack of energy in the fanbase. There may have been 5,000 at the arena last night. The noise level was significantly less than a weeknight ECHL game in Cincinnati-now granted everyone is on one level at those games and the beer is $1-but, suffice to say, the atmosphere at the game was anything but energetic.

I hope the organization does turn it around. The arena is outstanding and a consistently winning team would likely draw very well in the area.

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