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10-19-2011, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ilovemarkmessier View Post
The Islanders may not be my primary team but it is my best friends. He would be the first to tell you he would like nothing more then to see DiPietro in a Islanders jersey for the rest of his career. How many more years on his contract?
Okay then - here in lies the problem.....

He'd be the first, followed closely by so many others on this very board. Just because so many other people as so in love with DP that it's become nearly pathetic; the team is in healthier, more capable hands with Montoya and Nabokov, all we can thank DP over the last several years is providing a means to collect high picks because Snow couldn't find two NHL-proven goalies willing to get relegated to the back-up position once DP came back.

Now, we've got TWO goalies who can likely provide better play while DP recoups. Why bring him on the trip? Shouldn't his history suggest that certain heightened level of caution be taken? Why go and rush him back, "putting him in games the Isles should win" when DP IS NOT THE HOLY FREAKING GRAIL, THE STANLEY CUP IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The "shouting over the interwebs" is far more for everyone reading in, than you in particular; I had a positive attitude about DP for a long time, but logic comes FAR before heartstrings in my priority list, and I'm not psyched to see him rushed back to likely fail just because he addressed the crowd at the NVMC with a tear in his eyes talking about how great it felt to be an Islander when rushing back and not developing a rhythm and a consistency in Bridgeport is a DETRIMENT TO THE ISLANDERS.

Others can spin his contract (which I hate) or his heart, determination and love for the team (which I still manage to admire) any way they want and say "live with it, like it or not, or BLAH-BLAH-BLAH...." with mediocrity is SETTLING for mediocrity, accepting mediocrity, and telling the person next to you not to throw stones at something that's BS just because 'the tallest tree is the first one cut. Don't make noise, just pay attention to what's in front of you.' You never progress if you settle for less, and one oft-injured goaltender in a development league is what EVERY SANE GM IN THE LEAGUE WOULD DO. Everyone would see that a bit more clearly if they looked at DP as any anonymous roster player rather than turning him into some Islanders' great figurehead. He hasn't won anything at the NHL level, and until Nabokov or Montoya really royally sucked for 5 games, sit him and let Nabokov pump his value for trade time, so we can get a crack at having that top-4 defenseman everyone's starved for.

I'm sorry to come off harsh, but I'm amazed that people are so blinded by the LOW-PERCENTAGE chance that after all his injuries, DP could just jump back in as the #1 and justify it by a BONEHEAD contract. Redden's making $6mil - he's in the AHL. So what? You play solid or hit waivers. The only reason he should be dressed is if the team needs his cap hit, but what happens if Montoya's injured in a standings-pivotal 3-1 game and Nabby's in the pressbox and DP has barely played in a month? What will we say if DP gets lit up for 3 goals and the team loses? "Oh, he's just shaking off the rust/he needs more starts/he'll get there soon"?????? F THAT. There IS no SOON - you either play every game to win or get swept off the ice!!!!

I'd bet that the minute the team finds a way to put DP in the AHL without dipping under the cap floor, most of us will rejoice for the stability of the Islanders in the same breath that we express regret for DP's situation.....those who don't need to check the calendar date - DP isn't the face of the franchise anymore, and as such, there's no justification to accepting a choice that will negate the work put forth by the REAL franchise player, John Tavares.

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