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10-19-2011, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by OpAck View Post
Exactly. If he is to be given his last "fair shot", the Isles need to commit to him as the #1 goalie. Not get a game in here and there...if we're really serious about testing his surgically repaired lower half...he needs, at least 75% of the starts this season going forward. Because ultimately...he is paid to be our starting netminder for the next 10 seasons. Giving him his fair shot will require sitting Montoya and Nabokov for lengthy stretches. 4 games to Rick, 1 game to Al, 4 games to Rick, 1 game to Nabby. That's the amount of workload we should expect from Rick for the balance of his contract. I'm not sure about the full rules, but I'm guessing they could make a similar arrangement in Bridgeport...but then you're sitting Poulin and Nilsson in the AHL.

The Isles are ready to take the next step. But Rick has yet to prove that he can live up to his contract as a starting netminder that can carry this club. We've yet to see him play a string of 3 games, and play them well enough to carry this team. So I've taken the whole, "Well he had a good camp..." in stride. That doesn't mean anything. For what this guy has been through with his's going to take a season or two AS STARTER for us to really know what we've got.

Some people think he deserves that chance because he's been such a good soldier, others see a team that is ready to take that next step now and feel that Rick may prolong this team's instability and uncertainty. Some also see much younger, more attractive options in net long term...compared to what has been an oft-injured, 30-year old that has only 2 30-win seasons to his credit and has only started 39 games in the past three seasons. It's a shame, because I like Rick. But, we're in a bind because alot of people just want to move on. This team has brought in some really good alternatives to Rick...we're no longer in a position where all we have is Joey MacDonald and Yann Danis.
That amount of work load cannot support his body..If he plays 10 games in a row he will be crippled. The trainers treat ever scrape like he is a 5 yr old hemophiliac. Though sadly I think this is the only course the Islanders can take. Let him play and throw him out there to the point where the doctors will give him 2 options - the goalie stick or the cane. Let him play every game until his body breaks down and this will be the final season we ever have to deal with this mess ever again!!

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