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10-19-2011, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Do the Rangers really need this guy?
i really dont think so.

I mean, looking forward, you have to figure the following guys arent going anywhere.


You have to figure one of Hagelin or Bourque, if not both, will have 4th line jobs by the end of this season. I dont think Rupp is going anywhere either because he serves a purpose, he can bang, hes a solid player, and he can take on heavyweights.

So youre looking at...

1A: Stepan - Richards - Gabby
1B: Dubi - AA - Cally
3: ???????? - Boyle - Prust
4: Rupp ????????????? - Bourque/Hagelin

going forward.

You have to assume Chris Kreider will make this team. I know thats a helluva assumption to make, but frankly ive felt he's been NHL ready for 2 years now. He seems to play better against better competition.

So possibly something like this going forward.

Kreider - Richards - Gaborik
Boyle - Stepan - Prust
Hagelin/Bourque - ????????? - Rupp

do you want to give up assets to acquire a 4C? i dont. And honestly JT Miller looked like he could play there RIGHT NOW.

Ideally I would love to see this next year.

Clear #1: Parise - Richards - Gaborik
1B Dubinsky - AA - Callahan
3A: Kreider - Stepan - Hagelin/Bourque
3B: Rupp - Boyle - Prust

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