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Originally Posted by savebyrichter35 View Post
So it sounds like you need a ticket to sit in those seats at the party deck, but anyone can go stand around the party deck. It sounds like the "west end balcony" refers to the seats that you need a ticket for, and the "party deck" is the standing room concourse at the top of the seats that anyone can go to, correct? The pictures confused me a bit though, and Gross said that there will be 2 party decks on either side of the ice. So my questions are 1) the pictured party deck is on the 8th ave side where the rangers shoot twice, right? and assuming they are, 2) are they both gonna be ready this year, or just the one they showed the pictures for? And are they both gonna be the same thing (seats/party deck)? I know there's more luxury boxes on the 7th ave side so I wasn't sure how they were both gonna be constructed and used. I've been following all the renovation threads and seen all the pictures but for some reason I'm still extremely confused about alot of things so I guess I'll just find out finally in person next week
there will be video from inside the garden during this half hour on the news on abc so take a look if anyones interested..

to answer the questions..

1) the pictured party deck is the 8th avenue end and is on the 10th floor

2) the 7th ave side will be done for next season and it will look like the same thing and then the bridges will connect the party decks for the 2013-2014 season

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